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How Can Your Business Pursue a Lawsuit if You're Already Overwhelmed with Work?

Posted by John Marshall | Jul 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

If your business is contemplating litigation, you may feel that you lack the resources (both financial and time) to enter the court system—while still devoting sufficient attention to your business. Under these circumstances, it is especially important to choose the right attorney. Retaining the proper legal representation will enable you to adequately pursue both your commercial and legal goals simultaneously because a skilled attorney will guide you through the entire legal process and do most of the work for your lawsuit.

You might be tempted to represent yourself to save on legal fees. However, the right attorney could save you so much time and achieve such a better result through their professional skills, knowledge, and experience that retaining counsel would likely provide a superior return on investment than litigating alone as a layperson.

Selecting a Lawyer

The choice of a lawyer could significantly impact the outcome of your case, and you should consider numerous factors when deciding. To start, the attorney should be licensed and in good standing in the state where your lawsuit will take place. It is also a good idea to check whether they have been subject to discipline for malpractice or other misconduct from their state bar.

You may want to consider how many years the attorney has been practicing. Having many years of experience is a clear benefit, but newer attorneys could also be quite capable and may have more time to devote to a case and have reduced legal fees. The attorney's communication style is also important for whether they are a good fit.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is what practice areas the attorney specializes in. If an attorney takes on cases for a wide variety of unrelated practice areas, they tend to have less experience in each area. Therefore, it is often beneficial to choose an attorney who spends most of their time working in the field related to your case.

If your business is considering a lawsuit, contact John Marshall for a consultation at 949-724-1116 or [email protected]. While devoting your time to your business, you can relax, confident that your lawyer's expertise is working for you to pursue a beneficial outcome for your case.

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